2022-2023 Brantford Hawks House League

Bantam Division (born 2010, 2009)


Welcome to the 65th season of CYO Boys Basketball. Now known as Brantford CYO Hawks Basketball. Brantford CYO Hawks is a completely volunteer organization dedicated to improving the basketball and social skills of all participants. Your support is greatly appreciated.


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Regular Season Schedule (subject to change)


Date/Location Time
Sat. Nov. 5 9am Team 2 vs Team 1
Woodman Community Centre * 10am Team 3 vs Team 10
11am Team 4 vs Team 9
12pm Team 5 vs Team 8
1pm Team 6 vs Team 7
Sat. Nov. 12 9am Team 2 vs Team 3
Woodman Community Centre * 10am Team 1 vs Team 7
11am Team 8 vs Team 6
12pm Team 9 vs Team 5
1pm Team 10 vs Team 4
Sat. Nov. 19 1:30pm Team 6 vs Team 9
Doug Snooks Community Centre * 2:30pm Team 7 vs Team 8
3:30pm Team 1 vs Team 3
4:30pm Team 4 vs Team 2
5:30pm Team 5 vs Team 10
Sat. Nov. 26 9am Team 10 vs Team 6
Woodman Community Centre * 10am Team 2 vs Team 5
11am Team 3 vs Team 4
12pm Team 1 vs Team 8
1pm Team 9 vs Team 7
Sat. Dec. 3 11am Team 5 vs Team 3
BCI * 12pm Team 6 vs Team 2
1pm Team 7 vs Team 10
2pm Team 8 vs Team 9
3pm Team 4 vs Team 1
Sat. Dec. 10 11am Team 1 vs Team 9
BCI * 12pm Team 10 vs Team 8
1pm Team 2 vs Team 7
2pm Team 3 vs Team 6
3pm Team 4 vs Team 5
Sat. Dec. 17 11am Team 5 vs Team 1
BCI * 12pm Team 6 vs Team 4
1pm Team 7 vs Team 3
2pm Team 8 vs Team 2
3pm Team 9 vs Team 10
Sat. Jan. 14 11am Team 5 vs Team 6
BCI * 12pm Team 1 vs Team 10
1pm Team 2 vs Team 9
2pm Team 3 vs Team 8
3pm Team 4 vs Team 7
Sat. Jan. 21 11am Team 9 vs Team 3
BCI * 12pm Team 10 vs Team 2
1pm Team 6 vs Team 1
2pm Team 7 vs Team 5
3pm Team 8 vs Team 4
Sat. Feb. 18 11am 1st Place vs 6th Place 1)
BCI * 12pm 2nd Place vs 5th Place 2)
PLAY OFFS 1pm 3rd Place vs 4th Place 3)
2pm 7th Place vs 10th Place 4)
3pm 8th Place vs 9th Place 5)
Sat. Feb. 25 11am Winner 4) vs Winner 5) 6)
BCI * 12pm Loser 4) vs Loser  5) 7)
SEMI-FINALS 1pm Loser 1) vs Loser 2) 8)
2pm Winner 1) vs Loser 3) 9)
3pm Winner 2) vs Winner 3) 10)
Sat. Mar. 4 11am Loser 6) vs Loser 7)
BCI* 12pm Loser 8) vs Loser 10)
CHAMPIONSHIP 1pm Winner 8) vs Loser 3)
 DAY 2pm Winner 6) vs Winner7)
3pm Winner 1) vs Winner 10)



Woodman Community Centre: 491 Grey St, Brantford, ON N3S 7L7

Doug Snooks Community Centre: 333 Erie Ave, Brantford, ON N3S 2H7

BCI (Brantford Collegiate Institute): 120 Brant Ave, Brantford, ON N3T 3H3





All players must wear appropriate gym attire i.e. running shoes, shorts and t-shirt (game shirts will be provided at the beginning of the regular season).

During the weeks of October 15 and October 22 the players will participate in skills development sessions that are fundamental to the game of basketball.

A convenor will be assigned to each Division to oversee and coordinate the activities of that Division. The convenor is there to assist the coaches, to ensure that the players have fun while learning basketball skills and to ensure that fair play is maintained. (Note: there may be an instance where the convenor, in conjunction with the coaches, will ask a player to move to another team after the first few weeks in order to balance the teams – your understanding in this situation is appreciated).

This is House-league basketball and we expect only positive encouragement towards all participants (players, referees, coaches, etc.) at all times.

The referees for the House-league Program are also CYO players from older divisions. They are giving back their time and knowledge to the younger divisions. Please show your support as they perform their job to enhance their skills as referees.

Please ensure that the participants arrive in a timely manner as there is only one hour allotted to each Division.

There will be Rep teams from each of the Bantam Divisions comprised of House-league players that tryout and are then selected to the team by the coaches. The Bantam Division Rep players do not participate in the Saturday House-league. Additional information will be available on the Rep team section of the website.